Green hydrogen today for an efficient and sustainable present

Green hydrogen has become the only endless and 100% sustainable solution in the current process of energy transition and decarbonisation of the planet.

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We offer turnkey projects tailored to the needs in the following areas:


From renewable energies. Exploitation of photovoltaic and wind power production surpluses, optimising the energy mix.


Compression modules from 60 to 900 bar, coupled to hydrogen production to minimise the necessary storage volume and optimise the energy consumption of the installation.


Storage systems in different formats and capacities.


Transport elements for hydrogen distribution. Collection and delivery of hydrogen for fuelling stations, companies and home delivery.


H2 dispensing systems for vehicles, buses, trucks, warehouse trucks, etc., for own use or for dispensing to third parties.

Green hydrogen is the efficient and renewable alternative to reduce emissions into the atmosphere

Our society is evolving in a way that requires more and more energy resources. In addition, countries around the world have set 2035 and 2050 as deadlines for meeting a number of targets, including a ban on the sale of emission vehicles in the EU from 2035 and climate neutrality by 2050, a necessary step to ensure environmental sustainability, in which the use of green hydrogen is one of the essential alternatives for achieving these goals.

We are sustainable

Nine out of ten atoms in the universe are made of hydrogen. Therefore it can be said that almost everything we see, smell and touch contains hydrogen, as it is the most common element in nature and the only one whose extraction process is fully clean using renewable energy for its generation.

SHiE’s mission to deliver energy efficient systems mitigating climate change through the energy transition and offers comprehensive solutions for the generation, transport, storage and dispensing of green hydrogen.


At SHiE we are committed to our client and the planet. This is why we strongly believe in our project. The energy transition to non-polluting energy sources such as green hydrogen helps to eliminate CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, as its entire life cycle is clean.


The world needs an answer to decarbonisation, and SHiE’s mission is to achieve this by offering a comprehensive solution through the simplest, lightest and most common element on the planet, and which can be obtained in a clean way: green hydrogen.

This gas, which is obtained through electrolysis from renewable energies, can be stored for long periods of time. It can be used via fuel cells to generate clean electricity on demand, unlike other energy sources such as coal and oil derivatives. Green hydrogen is the energy carrier that can most efficiently store and distribute clean energy.

Customised innovation

The development of green hydrogen technology could be defined as one of the best innovations in the last years to combat the greenhouse effect. That is the reason why at SHiE we are committed to offering services that benefit both the planet and society in general, which is why the project is scalable, widespread and fairly distributed. In the short term, the customer will also gain economic advantages, since in recent years hydrogen technology and the production have been reaching cost levels for the customer that are close to those of fossil fuels.


SHiE gathers Zoilo Ríos and ARPA, two companies with a long history in the sustainable mobility and sustainable logistics solutions sectors respectively.

At SHiE we work every day implementing total quality in our services, with the aim of benefiting both the client and the planet.

Who we are at SHiE

Aware of the Sustainable Development Goals, Grupo Zoilo Ríos and ARPA Equipos móviles de campaña, which in their respective business strategies are already committed to a sustainable future and the achievement of the greatest social benefit, joined forces in 2021 to create SHiE, after considering the great potential of green hydrogen to become a substitute for polluting energy sources.

The objective of the merger is based on the long-standing experience of both companies: ARPA with the installation of mobile solutions that will serve to generate and store gas, and Zoilo Ríos, with the supply of clean energy as a solution to sustainable mobility in its network of service stations.

The need for immediate action to mitigate climate change, and the fast evolution of energy systems and sources, has led Zoilo Rios and ARPA to complement their respective business sectors and drive the adoption of green hydrogen, the only strategic ally for the main sectors of the economy to achieve climate neutrality.

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